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Professional Online Interior Design for Smaller Projects

We have worked in the interior design industry for many years, and we are both very excited about the direction and scope of interior design online -  us to create Olivine Life.  Along with our Online Interior Design service, Olivine Life also provides a curated, creative and affordable source of design inspiration all on one site — with numerous and varied design ideas, combined with a wide selection of interior products.

Online Interior Design

Simple Steps to Designing Your Home - all online, for one flat fee and at your convenience. This leaves you with more to decorate your room while still giving you access to our team of interior designers. Choose between our Classic and Signature Options and once you have sent details of your room, we will work with you to create a concept and decorating scheme to your specifications. We aim to deliver your final design, shopping list along with styling and installation tips, all within two weeks. For more information go to www.olivinelife.com or contact us at enquiries@olivinelife.com

Fabrics, Wallpaper and Furniture

We have a wide selection of fabrics, wallpapers and trims from some of our favourite suppliers - all available to order online through us. 



No room would be complete without the warmth and interest of accessories - we have a range of our products and soft furnishings available.